SMR Our products and services in aid of green finance

Our products and services in aid of green finance

Our products and services in aid of green finance

Concrete actions in the service of our strategic ambitions

Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale is committed to taking into account climate imperatives in the conduct of all its activities. Taking into account environmental, economic and social issues is one of the main focuses of its 2019-2023 New strategic plan ensemble#newworld, plus vite, plus loin ! (together#todaysworld faster, further!), and is concentrated around major decisions.

Private Individuals

  • Loans to improve the energy performance of buildings: zero interest rate eco-loans,
  • Eco-Mobility offer for private individuals and professionals to support our customers and members in the ecological transition and to satisfy their needs for electrical mobility (financing and leasing of hybrid or electric vehicles),
  • Solidarity savings products, including the Livret d'Epargne pour les Autres, which has the Finansol label, and the Livret de Développement Durable et Solidaire (refers to the Sustainable and Solidarity Development Savings Passbook).

Professionals & Businesses

  • Supporting our clients' innovative projects in the field of sustainable development with the Transition loan range :
    • Accelerating the ecological transition of businesses : " Energy Transition Loan ",
    • Strengthening the CSR approach of companies : " CSR Transition Loan ",
    • Accompanying the transformation of economic models : " Digital Transition Loan ".
  • Solutions to meet their electric or hybrid mobility needs.

In the area of insurance

  • Car insurance that encourages eco-responsible behaviour and home insurance that covers renewable energy installations.
  • Life insurance with SRI-labelled unit-linked products that respect the environment and good social practices.

Responsible investment

Crédit Mutuel Asset Management invests in socially responsible management through the creation of fund ranges and the labelling and integration of environmental, social and governance criteria into its funds.

Renewable energy projects

The outstandings for renewable energy projects (cumulative authorizations) at the end of December 2020 reached €1.8 billion, comprised mainly of onshore and offshore wind projects, solar and biomass, which represents a 14 % increase compared to the end of 2019.

In 2020, CIC’s project finance department financed 31 projects, including 12 in renewable energies:

  • eight onshore wind farm projects, totalling nearly 1,500 MW,
  • three offshore wind farm projects in Europe representing nearly 2,900 MW,
  • a portfolio of methanization units in France.

Added to this:

  • 14 infrastructure projects, including two heating networks and several fiber networks in France, are also included and financed.
  • In parallel, the Crédit Mutuel and CIC networks provided financing for almost 2,200 renewable energy projects to assist customers in the professional, private, agricultural and business markets.

As an example, Crédit Mutuel Loire-Atlantique and Centre-Ouest provided financing for a farm of nine wind turbines to produce electricity for almost 4,300 homes. A solar farm was also built to provide electricity for 3,000 homes.