BFCM Ratings



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Credit ratings

Financial ratings
LT/ST counterparty1 LT Senior preferred debt Outlook ST Senior preferred debt Intrinsic rating2 Date of last update
Standard and Poor’s3

Crédit Mutuel group rating
AA-/A-1+ A+ Stable A-1 a 30/11/2022
Moody’s4 Aa2/P-1 Aa3 Stable P-1 a3 20/09/2022
Fitch Ratings5 AA- AA- Stable F1+ a+ 30/12/2022

Extra Financial ratings

Extra Financial ratings6
Vigeo Eiris Sustainalytics MSCI ISS-OEKOM
Scale 0 to 100 0 to 1007 AAA to CCC D- to A+
Rating 65 21.2 AA C
Date of last review 2020 2022 2020 2020

Latest rating agencies publications

1 The counterparty ratings correspond to the ratings of the following agencies: Resolution Counterparty at Standard & Poor’s, Counterparty Risk Rating at Moody’s and Derivative Counterparty Rating at Fitch Ratings.

2 The intrinsic rating corresponds to the Stand Alone Credit Profile (SACP) rating from Standard & Poor’s, the Adjusted Baseline Credit Assessment (Adj. BCA) rating from Moody’s, and the Viability Rating from Fitch.

3 Standard & Poor’s: Crédit Mutuel group rating (Caisse Centrale du Crédit Mutuel, Banque Fédérative du Crédit Mutuel (BFCM), Crédit Industriel et Commercial (CIC), Caisse Fédérale du Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe(CMNE),Caisse Fédérale du Crédit Mutuel de Maine-Anjou Basse Normandie et Caisse Fédérale du Crédit Mutuel Océan).

4 Moody’s: Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale/BFCM and CIC rating.

5 Fitch Ratings: Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale rating.

6 Extra-financial rating agencies rate the BFCM and CIC entities taking into account the full scope of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale.

7 The rating scale of Sustainalytics has been modified with a view to favoring a risk analysis methodology (0 to 10: negligible; 10 to 20: low; 20 to 30: medium; 30 to 40: high; >40: severe).