Compliance EMIR regulation

EMIR regulation - BFCM, CIC

The European Regulation (N°648/2012) on OTC Derivatives, Central Counterparties and Trade Repositories (EMIR), entered into force in 2012 and then amended in 2019 (EMIR Refit), has set major reforms in derivatives markets by introducing new obligations to markets participants.

Counterparty Classification :

Pursuant to EMIR Regulation, BFCM and CIC are classified as Financial Counterparties (FC+)


  • Crédit Industriel et Commercial: N4JDFKKH2FTD8RKFXO39

Exemption from Margin requirements for intragroup transactions

You will find below the details of the information on exempted intragroup transactions from Margin requirements for BFCM and CIC :