Depositary function


The key points of the depositary function within Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale


The Depositary Business within Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale was historically exercised by the Caisse Fédérale de Crédit Mutuel Centre-Est Europe, the Caisse Centrale du Crédit Mutuel and the Crédit Industriel et Commercial banks.

This activity was consolidated within the BFCM, as part of the modernization of the Undertaking Collective Investment depository function. BFCM has emerged as the entity designated to carry out this mandate thanks to its positioning within the Group, the quality of its rating and the level of its equity capital. Today, it is one of the main players on the market.

As part of the AMF Instruction 2016-01 « Procédure d’agrément des entreprises d’investissement dépositaires d’OPCVM – Procédure d’examen du cahier des charges des autres dépositaires d’OPCVM et de FIA », the AMF validated the BFCM depositary’s requirements specifications at the Board meeting on 31st October 2017.

In addition, due diligence since 2018 has resulted in ISAE 3402 Type I and then Type II for the depositary control activity. An annual validation by an independent body consolidates the approach in which the BFCM has registered.

A regulated profession

The depositary of UCI has three regulatory missions :

  • Controlling the regularity of the UCI's management decisions.
  • Custody of assets, i.e. custody (mainly securities) and record keeping of other securities (forward financial instruments and other pure registered financial instruments).
  • Cash flow monitoring.

The depositary may also exercise the contractual mission of keeping the liabilities of the UCI's, when this is delegated by the management company.

Our Organization

The BFCM organizes its depositary activity around two main poles :

  • Depositary control,
  • General secretariat.

This organization is efficiently complemented by a BFCM and CIC pooling, of a set of high quality human and technical resources allocated to the depositary activity within Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale.

Our experience at your service

With employees from specialized financial businesses, BFCM's teams have acquired the know-how to respond accurately and promptly to the profession's requirements.

This expertise combined with the one of other entities of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale on which BFCM relies, plus the implementation of integrated tools to secure its action, and its proximity-based organization, enable the depositary to offer availability and customized solutions to management companies.

Our activity with figures

As of 31st December 2022, BFCM held nearly 1100 UCIs in its books for an outstanding amount of €74 billion.

Our references

The large majority of the UCIs deposited with the BFCM are managed by the asset management companies of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale :

  • Crédit Mutuel Asset Management for general purpose UCIs and employee savings.
  • Crédit Mutuel Capital Privé for private equity
  • CIC Private Debt for debt funds.

BFCM is also the custodian of securitisation mutual funds within a dedicated scope of assets only intended for Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale in partnership with France Titrisation and Eurotitrisation.

The UCIs of some twenty-five management companies outside the Group, mainly specialized in private equity, represent the balance of the other assets deposited with BFCM. Hereafter are some of the main management companies that have trusted us for many years :

  • Auriga Partners
  • Equalis Capital
  • Extendam
  • IXO Private Equity
  • Private Corner
  • Vatel Capital


BFCM AIF  [PDF – 66 ko]